Job Descriptions/Salaries


Salary Scales


School Based Salary Scales - Non-Unionized Support Staff 2017-2018


Job Descriptions


Accounts Payable Clerk.pdfAccounts Payable Clerk

Admin Sec 2 - Area Offices.pdfAdministrative Secretary 2 - Area Offices

Admin Sec 2 - Career Studies.pdfAdministrative Secretary 2 - Career Studies

Admin Sec 2 - Home Place PENT Work Ed-Student Placement Program.pdfAdministrative Secretary 2 - Home Place PENT Work Education-Student Placement Program

Admin Sec 2 - Library  Services.pdfAdministrative Secretary 2 - Library Services

Administrative Secretary 2 - School Based.pdfAdministrative Secretary 2 - School Based

Admin Sec 2- Transportation.pdfAdministrative Secretary 2 - Transportation

Admin Sec 3 - Area Offices.pdfAdministrative Secretary 3 - Area Offices

Admin Sec 3 - Human Resources.pdfAdministrative Secretary 3 - Human Resources

Admin Sec 4 - Chief Supt.pdfAdministrative Secretary 4 - Chief Superintendent

Admin Sec 4 - Sec Treas.pdfAdministrative Secretary 4 - Secretary Treasurer

Area Network Administrator.pdfArea Network Administrator

Assistant Transportation Coordinator.pdfAssistant Transportation Coordinator

Attendance Monitor.pdfAttendance Monitor

Billing and Finance Clerk.pdfBilling and Finance Clerk

Bus Driver 1.pdfBus Driver 1


Campus Attendance Monitor.pdfCampus Attendance Monitor - FCI Campus

Capital and Financial Services Accountant.pdfCapital and Financial Services Accountant

Clerk Typist.pdfClerk Typist

Cook - Other Areas.pdfCook - Other Areas

Cook - FCI.pdfCook - FCI Campus

Custodian 1.pdfCustodian 1

Custodian 2.pdfCustodian 2

Division Network Administrator.pdfDivision Network Administrator

Educational Assistant.pdfEducational Assistant

Evening Programmer.pdfEvening Programmer

Fiddling Instructor.pdfFiddling Instructor

Food Services Coordinator.pdfFood Services Coordinator - FCI Campus

Governance Support Officer.pdfGovernance Support Officer

Hall School Yard Monitor.pdfHall School Yard Monitor

Head Counsellor.pdfHead Counsellor

Human Resources Assistant.pdfHuman Resources Assistant

Journeyman Carpenter.pdfJourneyman Carpenter

Journeyman Electrician.pdfJourneyman Electrician

Journeyman Mechanic Heavy Duty.pdfJourneyman Mechanic Heavy Duty

Journeyman Plumber.pdfJourneyman Plumber

Laundry Worker.pdfLaundry Worker - FCI Campus

Library Assistant.pdfLibrary Assistant

Library Clerk.pdfLibrary Clerk

Library Page.pdfLibrary Page

Library Specialist.pdfLibrary Specialist

Library Technician.pdfLibrary Technician

Maintenance Clerk.pdfMaintenance Clerk - Area 5

Maintenance Helper - revised reporting relationship.pdfMaintenance Helper

Maintenance Person 1.pdfMaintenance Person 1

Maintenance Person 2.pdfMaintenance Person 2

Maintenance Person 2 (Power Engineer 5th Class).pdfMaintenance Person 2 (Power Engineer 5th Class)

Nurse - HBO.pdfNurse - HBO

On- Call Worker.pdfOn-Call Health Worker - FCI Campus

On the Land Coordinator.pdfOn the Land Coordinator

Payroll Administrator.pdfPayroll Administrator

PEER Support Worker.pdfPEER Support Worker

Pension and Benefits Clerk.pdfPension and Benefits Clerk

Prep Cook - HBO.pdfPrep Cook - HBO

Prep Cook.pdfPrep Cook - FCI Campus

Porter.pdfPorter - FCI Campus

Receptionist and Mail Clerk.pdfReceptionist and Mail Clerk

Residence Counsellor 1.pdfResidence Counsellor 1 - FCI Campus

Residence Counsellor 2.pdfResidence Counsellor 2 - FCI Campus

School Business Manager.pdfSchool Business Manager

School Community Liaison Officer.pdfSchool Community Liaison Officer

School Counsellor


Shift Head - FCI Campus

Social Studies Native Studies Researcher

Student Advisor - Home Placement

Student Advisor - Work Education Program

Student Support Specialist - FCI Campus

Youth Centre Coordinator - FCI Campus



















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