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February 14
Frontier Idol and Frontier Rocks!

Streamed LIVE from the Canad Inns - Fort Garry.

TONIGHT! Wednesday, February 14th 2018.

Join us via Live Stream from the comfort of your home to watch the 
2018 'Frontier Idol and Frontier Rocks!' competetions. 

Click on the Link Below to Watch

If you have trouble viewing the above link you can get to the video via our main channel.​


February 07
Canada vs. the U.S. for Women's Hockey Gold!


Canada vs. the U.S. for Women's Hockey Gold 
(Wednesday, Feb.21st)

Canada wins 5-0 against Olympic athletes from Russia in the women's semifinal game at the 2018 Winter Olympics. 

The Canadian women's hockey team will take on the U.S. in the Wednesday final -- tune in and watch the game!

cover shot.jpg

​Congratulations to Brigette Lacquette, a former Frontier student at both Waterhen and Rorketon schools. Brigette is going to Pyeongchang to play with Canada's Olympic Women's Hockey Team in the 2018 Winter Olympics.


Brigette Lacquette

Age: 25

Position: Defence
Calgary Inferno
Hometown: Mallard, Manitoba

Brigette was featured in 'Sports Life' Magazine 2018|Volume 5|Issue 1.

For more information or to read this article click on the link below. 

January 29
Duke of Marlborough School New ELA Pilot Program
 Duke of Marlborough School New ELA Pilot Program


​ELA Pilot Team:

Shawn Manning, Lisa Manning, Amy Nagy, Wendy Gautier, Joshua Robertson, George Power & Ashley Watts​

For the past three years, many of our teachers have been working tirelessly with our ELA coaches and Department of Education on the New ELA Provincial curriculum. It has been a meandering road with many obstacles, questions, and successes. The new design has given teachers more autonomy to plan their lessons around topics that are engaging for the students to ensure they are successful in their learning.  This student-centered pilot program started with many questions, but has resulted as a breath of fresh air for our teachers and students. Our teachers feel rejuvenated when planning and the students are engaged in more dialogue throughout the day representing their learning through conversation, observations and products.  


Recently, the Province organized a summit from January 9th-11th to engage Manitobans in co-creating a provincial literacy and numeracy strategy. A couple of our teachers were asked to provide examples of literacy teaching and learning on display in regards to the New ELA Pilot. These posters were used as an inspiration, and to inform those who may not have children or have not been in a classroom recently to view what literacy and numeracy learning for the 21st Century looks like. We are grateful that we have been involved with the planning of this new curriculum.  It has challenged us to move away from the traditional methods of teaching curricula and we feel our classrooms have improved with the new ‘Big Idea’ way of planning. I am proud of our teachers for taking on this task over the past few school years, and excited that some of our work was on display for others to view.          Lisa Manning & Wendy Gautier

Through collaboration and purposeful planning the New ELA Curriculum  will inspire great conversations and learning to students at all grade levels.       

Article submitted by: Shawn Manning, Principal, Duke of Marlborough School                                                                               

January 18
MERN Winter 2018 Forum
Watch Recorded Sessions from the  
MERN Winter 2018 Forum
Partners in Learning
A Research Forum on Education in Manitoba
Friday, January 26, 2018
Live streamed video from Frontier School Division offices in 
Winnipeg, Thompson, Norway House & Cranberry Portage 

Sponsored by Frontier School Division, Manitoba Association of School Superintendents 
and Manitoba Education and Training

​Did you miss the MERN Winter Forum on Friday? Frontier School Division's RightClick team is offering you the opportunity to watch recorded sessions of the Live Stream. 

In order to watch these sessions click on the link below and download the PDF advertisment. This document contains links to each of the sessions.  

January 08
David Swanson Receives the Governor General's Award
Congratulations to David Swanson on Receiving the Governor General's Award

David Swanson award picture.PNG

This major accomplishment was featured on CBC Manitoba, the Winnipeg Free Press, the Globe and Mail, and CBC News National website. It was also featured on websites for the Norway House Cree Nation, the Manitoba Museum, and the Canadian Museum of History. 

It is an honour and a privilege to help Mr. Swanson celebrate this event of a lifetime. 

From all of us at Frontier School Division- CONGRATULATIONS!! 

In David Swanson’s Words:

The partnership we created with the Manitoba Museum and Norway House staff, community and elders, is incredible. We visited the museum with the non-displayed archived items. The amount of artifacts that exist from Norway House is overwhelming. It was a great opportunity for our people to see these artifacts so well preserved. This gave our partnership with the museum even more strength as we saw how well our artifacts are being kept. 

Initially, project leaders from the Manitoba Museum came to Norway House to visit the community. Richard Laurin, the project leader from the museum, came to Norway House during York Boat Days. He brought local artifacts and recordings. People were able to come and listen to the voices of our elders, many who have already passed on. The Norway House people heard many of the stories from our late elders, hearing people tell their stories that we did not know existed. It meant a lot for the museum to bring these items to us, to hear our own stories, to bring these items back to life for our people.

 Richard also recorded audio sounds from nature and York Boat Days to use as a background for the stories of the elders. We used local artisans to replicate the artifacts to be included into teaching kits for the school. We had meetings, met their staff, and they explained what the project was. Great excitement was created from that. 

Pauline and the late Byron Apetagon worked with Richard in the translations of the Cree stories into English. They also wrote out the Cree versions using Roman Arthography. In March 2017, Richard came back to Norway House to deliver the teaching kits, worked with teachers, and went into the classrooms to work with students. 

My role in this initiative was to help with translations. Some stories were written rather than recorded, so I told the stories in Cree while they were being recorded. My role was also coordinating the museum visits within the community, facilitating logistical details in Norway House, gathering teachers, elders and other community members, and ensuring the effective use of the created teaching kits. 

The experience in going to Ottawa was incredible. I was able to meet other award recipients and learn about their own projects. It was amazing to be at the House of Commons, to be acknowledged by all of the Members of Parliament, and to receive a standing ovation from the MPs. We visited the Museum of Canadian History and attended a gala with all of the participants. Robert Falcon-Oulette, MP from Winnipeg, came and personally acknowledged and thanked us at the gala. I didn’t realize that I had to have a speech ready and sent to them ahead of time, so I sent it in the Friday before we left. A quarter of my speech was in Cree! After I presented my speech, a lot of people said that it was incredible for me to speak my own language during my speech. Even the Governor General of Canada commented on the use of my language in my speech! 

Thank you to the Manitoba Museum, it was incredible working with them! I would like to thank the people of Norway House who were involved in this, including staff from both schools and community elders. Thank you to Rosa Scribe from Norway House, who did the beadwork and watch pouches. I would especially like to thank Pauline and the late Byron once again for their contributions and expertise in this project. 

CA Museums 2017 press release.pdfCA Museums 2017 press release.pdf

The Governor General History Awards News Print.pdfThe Governor General History Awards News Print.pdf


December 19
Tornado Hunter Chris Chittick Visits Frontier School Division

Tornado Hunter Chris Chittick Visits Frontier School Division


Professional storm chaser Chris Chittick visited seven Frontier schools in October and November. He taught students and staff about extreme weather events both locally and across North America, discussed the science behind weather phenomena, and even showed some intense video clips from his Tornado Hunters show.

Staff and students alike felt that Chris’ presentation was both informative and entertaining. He did a great job of connecting to our youth through his experiences, as well as giving our staff insight into weather events.

Chris visited both Jack River School and HBOIERC in Norway House, Mel Johnson School in Wabowden, Cranberry Portage Elementary, Cormorant Lake School, Stevenson Island School, and Frontier Mosakahiken School in Moose Lake.

Chris thoroughly enjoyed his travels, and was laughing about some of the funny looks and comments he got while traveling the north in his bullet-proof Tornado Hunters truck.

If you are interested in having Chris present at your school, please contact science coach Jacqueline Monteith.

tristen and chris.JPG
Tristen Myers (Cormorant Lake School) posing with Chris.

November 28
Three Sisters

New World Ideas: Indigenous Innovations that Changed Everything
Manitoba teachers are invited to explore two new curriculum resources that celebrate
Indigenous innovations and offer practical ideas for the classroom.
The Birch Bark Canoe: Navigating a New World illuminates the genius of the craft and explores it as a catalyst for inquiry based learning. Designed for middle and senior years, the package contains a twenty five minute video with an accompanying booklet that makes explicit connections to provincial curriculum documents and suggests a range of hands on activities that engage students in significant learning experiences.
The Three Sisters: Renewing the World builds on an ancient story told by many Indigenous Peoples and passed on through oral traditions for thousands of years. The twenty nine minute video explains the relationship between of corn, beans and squash and illuminates the sophisticated knowledge of plant husbandry that the first farmers possessed. The accompanying booklet shares the ideas of educators from around the province. From early year’s mathematics to senior year’s urban studies, The Three Sisters demonstrate their transdisciplinary relevance in the 21st century classroom.
Both videos and the accompany books can be located on line at and are available free of charge to all interested teachers.
Note: For Frontier Sites where you are unable to view the content due to limited connectivity please contact to arrange for alternative digital content delivery methods.


November 15
Twin Motors Community Award Presented to Isaiah Young

​​Twin Motors Community Awards recently presented their monthly prize package to Egg Lake Engaged Learner student Isaiah Young. 

Isaiah Young.jpgIsaiah is one of the hardest working students in The Engaged Learners Program and he comes to Egg Lake from his home community of Cormorant. 

Twin Motors presents monthly awards to students from The Pas / Opaskwayak / Cranberry Portage / Snow Lake / Pukatawagan / Grand Rapids / Moose Lake / Cormorant. In order to earn this award, students must have made a positive contribution to their community, be it in sports, academics, volunteer work, or some other avenue. 

Isaiah was nominated by The Engaged Learners staff based on his outstanding attendance, attitude and work ethic, all areas in which Isaiah has excelled in since he started in the program. As the winner of this award Isaiah has earned a certificate highlighting his accomplishments, as well as a prize package from both A&W and Funky Threadz clothing store, both of which are located in The Pas. 

Great work Isaiah! ​


November 07
Adam Beach Film Institute Partnership with Frontier School Division Press Release

Adam Beach Film Institute Partnership with Frontier School Division Press Release

Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival 2017.jpg

R. Murnick – Author

Partner Schools: 

Frontier Collegiate Institute – Cranberry Portage

Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre – Norway House

In the previous school year of 2016 – 2017  a handful of students from Frontier Collegiate as well as the Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre had the opportunity to work with the Adam Beach Film Institute.   The director of the Institute Mr. Jim Compton came out to the school to work with the students for a 2 day workshop on brainstorming a film idea and creating a rough idea of characters to be in the film.  The fluid nature of making a film had the script change ideas multiple times throughout the school year and ultimately it was a finalized script called “Forever Young”.  

The students and staff from Frontier Collegiate and Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre were as follows:  

Frontier Collegiate Institute Students and Staff Member: 

Richard Murnick / Teacher Supervisor

Cody Bighetty            Main Bad Guy    

Eric Ducharme    Goon/Script 

Sonny Francois    Hero/Script

Wally Wood    Goon/Script

Andrew Caribou      Sound/Script

Norway House Students and Staff Member: 

Charlie Ettawacappo / Teacher/Supervisor

Hannah Duncan    Love Interest Of Hero/Script

Justin York      Sound/Camera/Script 

Nicholas Simpson  Sound/Camera/Script

The students at the end of May 2017 travelled to Winnipeg Manitoba for an intensive 5 days.  The first days included such things as Script Revisions and Read throughs, Acting classes to improve upon the students abilities to “get into character” as well as understanding the expectations of the director with scheduling and planning sessions.     The students at first were a bit apprehensive of what to expect when the camera started rolling and when they realized that they were working with a live fluid process of a short film/movie being made the excitement increased daily.     The camera was a RED digital camera which is an industry level digital camera that had the students in awe of what it could do with someone controlling the focus pulling remotely (ability to focus in on a scene via wireless control) as well as it’s ability to capture in extremely high definition.  

Both Charlie Ettawacappo and I (Richard Murnick) were extremely impressed with how well behaved and involved the students became in the filming process.  They were exemplary students who showed great initiative when it came to getting involved in setting up a scene, tearing down a set once completed as well as being active in all aspects of the film making process.    

“Forever Young” since it’s creation has gone onto being entered into the Gimli Film Festival this past July and will be shown at the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival this November 23, 2017.   The “Forever Young” Short film will have the honor of being the opening film shown at the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival!  Along with the above listed film festivals the director Steve Payne also entered the short film into the Canadian International Film Festival and it was accepted as an entry into this prestigious festival held in Vancouver British Columbia.  

It was a fantastic experience that the students were able to be involved with and it is hoped that it sparked an interest in the students to possibly pursue a career in the media industry.  With courses created in the Media Awareness Cluster here at F.C.I and other Frontier School division schools they will give students the chance to be content creators and who knows,  maybe our future Spielberg or James Cameron might be amongst us now..    

Collaboration, Brainstorming, and Teamwork can create awesome products.  Let a student show you their imagination and vision through film and they will amaze you with their creativity and ideas!

Richard Murnick​

November 02
FSD Physical Education Staff Recognized at PHE Manitoba Awards Evening

​FSD Physical Education Staff Recognized at PHE Manitoba Awards Evening

fsd winners.JPG

PHE Manitoba hosts their annual Awards Evening at MTS Physical/Health Education Professional Development Day at College Sturgeon Heights Collegiate on October 19, 2017. Each year individuals are recognized for their commitment to Physical and Health Education in Manitoba. Frontier School Division had five people that were given awards for this commitment. 

COALITION AWARD: Awarded to groups, companies, associations that promote the significance and importance of physical education/health education in Manitoba Schools. 

corporal robert daisley.JPG

This year’s recipient is Corporal Robert Daisley of the Cranberry Portage R.C.M.P Detachment.
The Detachment has helped promote physical activity and health by volunteering at many of the events hosted in Cranberry Portage by both Frontier Collegiate and Cranberry Portage Elementary. Whether volunteering at Frontier Games or coaching at the High School with the soccer team the Corporal continues to lead by example.  FSD is proud to have this type of partnership with the RCMP and thankful for the support of our programs from Corporal Daisley. He would like to thank VP Bob Hemeon for the opportunity to coach soccer at the school this semester. 

PHE MANITOBA MIDDLE YEARS AWARD: This most prestigious award honours physical educators/health educators who have shown outstanding leadership and dedication to the promotion of physical education/health education in the province of Manitoba. Each year the PHE Manitoba Award is presented to 3 outstanding physical educators/health educators; one in Early Years, one in Middle Years and one in Senior Years. 

dawn tulk.JPGThis year’s recipient is Dawn Tulk of Gillam School. Dawn has been working as a nursery to grade 8 physical education teacher at Gillam School for 5 years. She has also taught the Hockey Academy Course to grade 9-12 students. Dawn is greatly respected by the students at Gillam School. Many students, who were reluctant participants in Physical Education, have become members of sports' teams due to Dawn's care, inspiration and encouragement. 

Dawn provides the students with many cultural opportunities. She offers the students various opportunities throughout the year to challenge themselves with a variety of Northern Games. The students love the opportunity to play games their ancestors once played. The gym is always filled with laughter and good sportsmanship.

She coaches a variety of sports school including volleyball, basketball, trap setting, snowshoeing, table tennis, floor hockey and soccer. She travels extensively with all of the teams and is often gone for the entire weekend. 

Dawn is a well-respected community member.  She helps organize community events such as the Kick the Cancer tournaments and Winter Carnival activities including a Road Hockey Rumble and Trapper's events such as pack races, sled races, snowshoeing, and trap setting. Recently, she organized a floor hockey tournament for the National Girls Hockey Day.  In support of Frontier's health week, Dawn organized family sport nights to encourage physical activity as a family. There were parachute activities, sledge hockey, skipping activities and gaga ball. 

REGIONAL RECOGNITION AWARD: This award is presented to individuals who provided leadership in their region by hosting workshops or area tournaments, developing outstanding programs, contributing to the community, etc. This year’s recipients are:

shawn.JPGShawn Oswald: Interlake Award Winner – Gypsumville School – Gypsumville

Principal and Physical Educator at Gypsumville School. A 20-year veteran of FSD he continues to be heavily active in Physical Education. Shawn continues to demonstrate leadership in his area by hosting a variety of events for his school and those others in the surrounding area. 

melissa.JPGMelissa Ferrar: Norman East Award Winner – HBOIERC – Norway House 

Melissa hails from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. She began her career with Frontier School Division in 2012, after completing her B.Ed at St. Francis Xavier University in N.S. She taught k-4 physical educational for two years, where she turned the program completely around. What was once a "gym class" had blossomed into a model P.E. setting. 

After an opening became available in the grades 9-12 P.E./Health program, she moved up and continued to make vast improvements. Melissa embodies everything that is good in this profession.  She is constantly seeking to her improve her skills as a teacher through professional learning, and in turn, her students reap the benefits of her efforts.

A champion of living a healthy lifestyle, she always practices what she preaches. Melissa has always has the best interest of her students, school and community at heart. She is passionate about her career and enjoys being part of the success at HBOIERC.

mick.JPGBrian McMillan (Mick) – Norman West Award Winner – Career Studies Department – Cranberry Portage

Mick is in his tenth year as PE Coordinator for FSD and began his career in 2000.  He is responsible for the delivery of both the Frontier Games and High School Games. He is part of the staff that delivers First Aid CPR in the Division. He currently sits as a Board Member on both the Manitoba High School Athletics Association and the PHE Manitoba Boards. He is a former PE Teacher at CPE and FCI. 

Congratulations to the Award Winners and continued success at our schools.

Submitted by: Brian McMillan (Mick) Phys. Ed Coordinator 

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